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We reached our first Ko-fi goal!

Last weekend wile we were out on a event i got an amazing message!
The first Ko-fi goal, a full tank for the Unimog, was reached.
You amazing people did it, I’m speechless!

So here we are with a new goal, for some better sound.And guess what happened?
We got a donation whiting the first hours of the new goal!

Check it out on:

I’ve said it before and i’m saying it again: thank you so much, you’re all amazing people!

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Setting up Shop!

We are working hard to add a webshop to the site.

Together with we got some genuine Army Truck Tom merch! Check out their amazing designs and get your own T-shirt with our Unimog 404 in the Shop.

I’m also busy categorizing the heap of army surplus we have lying around. Most of it is New Old Stock accessories and vintage army clothing. So keep an eye out for all the cool stuff, it’ll all be available in the webshop soon!

Bram the dog is already checking the products.
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Updates and news!

It’s been quiet here the last year, the restrictions have made it almost impossible to travel. So it’s time to prepare for the future!

We are working hard to prepare our Rosie the pick-up truck for an epic adventure. Because next year if all goes well we’ll head to Iceland! This is going to be one hell of a road trip, so the old girl has to be in top shape, so we’re currently restoring the 57 year old Unimog. Making her as good as new

You can follow our adventures on YouTube and Instagram, check the all new “Video’s and Photo’s” page on this site!