The Trucks

We currently have 2 Mercedes-Benz Unimog trucks, a 1964 S404.1 pick-up and a 1972 S404.1 radio unit (funkkoffer)

Both these trucks are Ex-Army and served in the German Bundeswehr during the cold-war. These real beast have 4wd, diff-locks and crawling gears, making them unbeatable in ruff terrain. The 2.2L straight 6 engine produces only 81Bhp giving them a top speed of 90Km/h.

The Pick-up “Betty”

Betty was made in 1964, she has been in service for the army until 1999, 20years later I got her from the first civilian owner including all the original paperwork from when she was still in the army. We have to give her a bit more TLC before the big trip starts, and that is all part of the fun with old trucks.

The Funkkoffer “Rosie”

Rosie was made in the year 1972, and served as a radio communication unit. She came into our hands about 4years ago, and we’ve done a lot to fix her up since. The biggest operation was giving her a new heart, the old m180 motor was dying and could not be fixed. We found an N.O.S. original motor and also fixed all the rust making sure she can last for at least 40 more years. The radio shelter or “funkkoffer” was almost empty and needed some love. I wanted to make it authentic and practical, so now it houses a lot of the original radio and communication stuff and a camper bed. It’s the best of both worlds.